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July Cooking


Tomatoes are at their peak in July.  What could be more delicious than a homemade bowl of Gazpacho soup made with local, fresh, farm grown tomatoes? 

July Floral

0037 (1 copies)

Fiber Optic Grass is a hardy plant grown in Zones 8-11. I like to use the plant in my July fourth floral arrangement  because the electric flower tips resemble energetic firecrackers.

July Tabletop

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I love designing sports-themed tabletops. Since my favorite sport is tennis, I created my own “Breakfast at Wimbledon”  vignette while we watch the tennis game in our club room basement.

June Antiques

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A Vintage/Antique Tennis racket can bring a sporty, clubby feel to a room even if it is used only for display. 

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