September Cooking


People often say, “Think globally”. The same goes for cooking.  I celebrated global cooking using a variety of recipes from Mark Bittman’s, “The Best Recipes in the World” creating a fusion of color, textures, and flavor from around the world.  

September Floral

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Bittersweet is a twining vine with berries.  In the Fall, the berries turn from a yellow to a brilliant flame red-orange making it a favorite among people who want to decorate for autumn and welcome the changing colors of the season. 

September Tabletop


Outdoor dining  in September includes a vintage Hudson Bay blanket, a spray of bittersweet, and reproduction splatter ware mugs creating the perfect spot to enjoy a hot cup of cocoa on a windy September afternoon.

September Antiques


I like to use vintage Bakelite flatware in entertaining because it is heat-resistant  and was produced in a variety of usual earth-tone colors. It is an appealing and practical alternative to new utensils made today.

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